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Saturday, July 9, 2016

It's Time To Calm Down

I've been reading social media today; it's not pretty.  I'm not really interested in hearing morons condemn all police as racists; the people doing that are just idiots on parade.  I don't really want to hear how those who march against police are responsible for police deaths either.  The people who make those comments are likewise morons.  We don't know what happened in Minnesota or Louisiana with the police.  We have picture through a video of part of one and the aftermath of the other.  Similarly, the peaceful march through Dallas is not responsible for a hate filled crazy guy who decided to take out white police.  The shooter did that on his own.  The events in Dallas are not the responsibility of gun laws or the lack of gun laws.  The shooter in Dallas could have passed every background check currently being considered.  We don't need to hear about gun control.  We also don't need to hear about racist this or racist that.  We all know that shouting about racism just makes things worse. 

What we all need to do now is to CALM DOWN.  There are a bunch of dead and wounded across America.  None of them ought to be dead today.  They all had families and lives.  Let's consider that rather than screaming about political points.

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