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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Who Are These People

Last night, after Hillary Clinton was nominated in Philadelphia by the Democrats, there was a walk out of hundreds of delegates who had supported Bernie Sanders.  Some went to the media center for the convention and staged a sit in.  Others joined with demonstrators outside the convention for a rally.  I sympathize with these Bernie supporters because their candidate had just been beaten in a rigged process.  No one knows if Sanders could have won if the Democrat National Committee had run the process fairly, but we all know that it wasn't fair.  Indeed, the hacked emails from the DNC confirm the bias against Bernie shown in the process.  We don't yet have the emails that confirm that Hillary Clinton's campaign participated in rigging the election, but Julian Assange, the head of Wikileaks, says that those are coming soon.

So why did these protesters decide to be outrageous and hateful in their efforts.  Many gathered outside the hall, burned an Israeli flag and chanted "long live the intifada."  Nothing that happened at the convention had anything to do with Israel, so it was odd to involve that country in their protest.  But it was more than odd.  For those who don't remember, the "intifada" was the wave of Palestinian terror attacks against ordinary civilians in Israel about ten years ago.  It consisted of suicide bombings, car bombings, random shootings, home invasions ending in murder and the like.  The protesters were chanting in support of terrorism.  On a day when ISIS terrorists beheaded a priest in his church in France, these morons in Philadelphia were proclaiming support for terrorism.  During a week that has seen more than 100 killed in terrorist attacks around the globe, these fools chanted that they supported the murder of innocent civilians.  What possessed these people to do that?

Most people won't ever hear about this protest and the chant of the protesters.  The media is too busy trying to make the Philadelphia convention look like a happy place of unity (which it clearly is not).  Even among the small group that hears what happened, the majority won't know what the intifada is.  But it's important that everyone knows what happened.  It's important to understand that a large number of DELEGATES to the Democrat convention chanted their support for terrorism.

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