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Sunday, July 24, 2016

We're Reaching The Silly Hour

In a vintage Clinton move, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager said this morning on CNN that the Russians were behind the leak of the DNC emails and that they did it to help Trump get elected.

Okay, let's just stop here for a minute.  The DNC emails that were released show that the staff of the Democrat National Committee was conspiring with the Clinton campaign against Bernie Sanders.  They show planning to attack Sanders for his religious beliefs.  They also show plans by the DNC to send its interns to Trump rallies to mount protests.  Finally, they show that the DNC was secretly working together directly with the mainstream media to coordinate stories to hurt both Trump and Sanders and to benefit Clinton.  These are facts; we now have seen the emails.

So what is the Clinton response?  They don't question the authenticity or the accuracy of the emails.  That's right, the Clinton's don't even talk about the DNC trying to help Hillary and defeat Sanders.  They don't explain why the DNC would use Nixonian tactics to try to send protesters to opposition rallies.  And they don't deny secretly working with the media to try to hurt Trump and Sanders.  Nope, the Clinton response is that the Russians released those emails so they imply that there must be a connection between Trump and Putin.

Think about that.  Hillary and the DNC get caught in another scandal.  To be fair, this one is more for the DNC than Hillary, but it shows just how corrupt and dishonest the Democrats are.  And they don't even deny it.  Instead, they make up some ridiculous allegation without any evidence of a tie between Trump and Putin.  I mean we already know that it was Hillary who, as secretary of state, approved the sale of a large part of America's uranium mines to RUSSIA; that wasn't Trump.  We also know that it was Hillary who just happened to get roughly twenty million dollars from the Russians at roughly the same time.  (Part was payment for speeches by Bill and part was a "contribution" to the Clinton foundation.)  If anyone has an improper connection to the Russians, it is Hillary, not Trump.  But Hillary's response to problems always starts with a lie.  This time is no different.  There is no basis to suspect Russian involvement in the hacking that led to the disclosure of the wrongful behavior of the DNC and the Clinton campaign.  Hillary doesn't care about facts, however.  There is no reason to talk about a tie between Trump and Putin.  Hillary doesn't care about facts, however.

I just don't know how dumb Hillary Clinton thinks the American people are.  We already know she's a liar.  This sad ploy won't work.

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