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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

America Remembers

I remember.

That's a rather simple sentence, but it says an enormous amount.  Even more impressive is a different sentence:

America remembers.

And that's the truth; America does remember.  Oh not everyone of us remembers all the things that have happened here.  But there are some things that we cannot forget.

As I write this, Bill Clinton is speaking to a cheering crowd of delegates at the Democrat national convention.  According to the pundits, Bill is trying to "humanize" Hillary who is now the nominee.

Think about that.  The Democrats have nominated a candidate who needs to have her husband come out to make her seem more human.  And why is that?  It's because America remembers.  We remember the woman who was fired from her job on the Senate Watergate committee for improper conduct at the very start of her career.  We remember the woman who went to Arkansas with Bill and then spent her days cashing in on his position as governor.  Hillary did not have much of a legal career, but suddenly she was a partner at the Rose law firm, the largest in Little Rock the state capital.  She had a large steady income because she was the wife of the governor.  We remember too that Hillary was suddenly named to be a member of the board of directors of Walmart, the largest company today in Arkansas.  Was it her great business acumen that got her that lucrative post?  Not likely, since Hillary did not have a business background and never ran any business.  No, it was her position as the wife of the governor that got her that position.  We remember too Hillary's foray into commodities trading.  Was it a coincidence that inexperienced Hillary started making trades of the sort that only seasoned traders make and that every one of nearly 100 trades that she made was profitable until she had reached a $100,000 profit?  The chances of an experienced trader having a run like that are essentially zero and the chances of someone inexperienced like Hillary doing it are zero.  So was that run of "luck" in trading actually a cover for a payoff from some local company to the governor?  No one has the records to prove that one way or the other because like so often has happened in Hillary's life, the key records were all "inadvertently" destroyed.

We also remember Hillary's involvement in yet another scheme to get rich.  This one was called Whitewater.  All sorts of people went to jail in connection with that development scheme, but somehow Bill and Hillary who were partners in the venture skated by without indictment.  And, of course, there were the usual missing records in this matter too.  Somehow the key billing records of the Rose law firm (a private firm that Hillary had left) ended up missing only to turn up by surprise in a closet in the living quarters of the Clinton White House.  What a strange coincidence.

Through all the 1980's and the 1990's, we remember that Hillary's main devotion was to making money and gaining power.  Clearly, she didn't care how she accomplished it.  When Bill had a series of extramarital affairs, Hillary did not leave him; her only concern was to try to discredit the women so that they couldn't hurt the Clintons.  When women accused Bill of rape and other forms of sexual molestation, we remember that Hillary tried her best to destroy each of those women.  When the nation learned that Bill, as president, had used his position to have sex with a young White House intern in the Oval Office, Hillary's response was not anger or upset.  No, we remember that Hillary led the defense for Bill.  She knew what he had done, but she just denied it until physical evidence made that denial impossible.  She, like Bill, just lied and lied about it all.  It was still all about money and power for Hillary.

When the Clintons left the White House in 2001, we remember that it was Hillary who stole about a quarter of a million dollars of furniture owned by the people.  She got caught and was forced to return it.  At the time she did this, Bill already had a contract for a $16 million advance for his memoirs.  Hillary had all the money she would ever need, but it wasn't enough.

We remember Hillary as a senator from New York whose accomplishments could fit on the head of a pin.  She did nothing except prepare to run for president.  We remember that when general Petreus came to testify before a senate committee about how successfully the surge in Iraq was going, Hillary greeted this war hero whose troops were winning the war with the claim that Petreus was a liar and that there was no such success.  We also remember that Hillary later admitted in her latest book that she knew that Petreus was not telling lies but that she felt that she needed to call this war hero a liar for political reasons.  Once again, Hillary put her quest for power before the truth and before the good of the country.

We remember Hillary's term as secretary of state.  We remember the Russian reset, the Iran nuclear sell out, the destruction of Libya, the failure to deal with Syria, and the creation of ISIS.  Those are most recent, so I won't go into the details.

But let's go back a bit.  We also remember that wherever the Clintons go, scandal is sure to follow.  After all, Bill Clinton is the only president in modern times to be impeached.  Since he left office, had has spent much time on Jeffrey Epstein's plane (known as the Lolita Express for its conveyance of underage girls).  The plane took Bill on multiple trips to Epstein's private island in the Caribbean which is known as "orgy island" for obvious reasons. 

There's so much more.  There's not enough time to list it all. 

The truth is that America remembers.  And that, by itself, is why Hillary will never be president.

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