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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Conversation

For years now, the constant refrain on TV, mostly from liberal pundits, has been that the nation needs to "have a conversation" about race.  For those of you who have not yet figure this phrase out, "having a conversation" means listening to a lecture about how racist the USA really is and then doing exactly what the left wants to "remedy" that racism.  I mention that because there was a bit of an actual conversation that began yesterday about police shootings of black men and I watched the reaction.

Let me back up.  There was another of those studies yesterday that was released by a Harvard professor.  The professor and his team did an analysis of police shootings and race.  The point of the study obviously was to finally document in a "scientific" way the ongoing racism of the police towards African American young men.  After a rather lengthy process of review, the data gathered by the study showed that at least in the areas for which data was studied, the chance of being shot by police was greater if the target was white than if he was black.  That wasn't a typo.  Whites are more likely to be shot by police than blacks according to the Harvard study.  And, are you ready for this, the professor who did the study is black.  He said it was the most surprising result he had ever seen.

So we now have a "scientific" study by a black Harvard professor that basically says that the whole premise of the Black Lives Matter movement is wrong.  What's the response?  In other words, what's the other side of the conversation?  That will take some time to see, but I can report that last night on Megyn Kelly's show, a focus group discussed the subject for a short time.  It was a chaotic discussion, but I got the impression that the pro-BLM people did not care what the study showed.  No one actually said, "don't bother me with the facts," but that attitude was clear. 

It's worth keeping this response in mind the next time you hear about the need for a "conversation".  A two way discussion would be great.  The reality is not.

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