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Friday, July 22, 2016

Proof the DNC rigged the Democrat Primary

Bernie Sanders often complained that the Democrat presidential selection system was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.  It sounded correct, but there was no smoking gun.  That may have just changed.

In a news story today, we learned that there are emails from high DNC representatives conspiring to create a story to make Sanders and his campaign look bad.  They were brainstorming a false story to release to the media which would claim that Sanders' campaign was out of control and not even complying with the various election law requirements.  The email was taken off the DNC computer system by hackers when that system was breached a few months ago.  Now, they are releasing what they found.

I'm not a Sanders' supporter, but this still makes me mad.  The party leadership has to be neutral in the presidential primaries.  Otherwise, the system truly is rigged.

This is a disgrace.

UPDATE:  More emails from those that were hacked at the DNC now show that DNC leadership tried to plant people to go after Sanders on his religious beliefs.  Things keep getting worse.

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