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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More Illegal Payments To The Clintons Surface -- Are They Bribes?

By law, Hillary Clinton was required to file financial disclosures when she was secretary of state and also when she was a senator from New York.  Those disclosures are supposed to list the name of all those providing payments to Hillary or her husband.  It's a rather simple requirement:  if Hillary or her husband was paid by someone, she was required to disclose the amount and the name of the person making the payment.

Today, we learned that there were a great many payments made to Bill Clinton for speaking fees for which the name of the person making the payment was phony.  In other words, Hillary lied on her financial disclosure forms.  Literally millions of dollars of payments are involved.

Here's how Hillary's scam worked.  Bill made a speech and got paid something like a quarter or a half of a million dollars for that twenty minutes of work.  When it came time to file her financial disclosure, Hillary listed the payment to Bill, but she did not disclose the name of the actual person or company making the payment; instead she listed some small talent agency located overseas.  The problem, however, is that the talent agency did not pay anything at all to Bill and was not even involved in the actual payments.  A study has been done of these payments to Bill, and it has found among the actual people making payments, a number who had business before or affected by the State Department.  There are also more than 30 of these payments totaling close to ten million dollars for which the true identity of the person making the payment cannot be determined.  The Clinton campaign was asked for information, but it had no comment.

Think about this.  The State Department, led by Hillary, had to take positions on issues affecting billions of dollars.  Wealthy foreign individuals who had major stakes in these issues to be decided by the State Department funded multi-million dollar payments to Hillary and Bill.  Hillary then failed to disclose these payments on her financial forms (required by law).  To make matters even worse, Hillary gave false information on those financial forms which would hide the actual identity of the foreigner making the payments.

So, are these bribes to Hillary in exchange for favorable treatment by the State Department?  Did Hillary actually sell out and take action based on who paid her rather than on what was good for the American people.  It certainly looks that way.

Just a few days ago, the director of the FBI told us that Hillary was extremely careless with our national secrets.  He declined to recommend and indictment, however, because he couldn't see any criminal intent in Hillary's actions.  There's no need to replay that discussion.  What we need to remember now, however, is that there's no question of intent here.  Hillary clearly intended to keep these mega-payments from people with business before the State Department secret.  After all, the payments were not carelessly (or extremely carelessly) left off of the financial disclosure forms.  Nope, the identity of the person making the payment was changed to one of a number of small foreign talent agencies that had nothing to do with the entire matter.  This is an active cover up.

What an astounding thing to come out the week before the Democrat convention.

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