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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Taking the Lead From Hillary

Congress recessed today for the political conventions.  As expected, the Democrats made a big point how (1) gun control had not passed; (2) funding to combat the Zika virus also had not passed; and (3) funding bills for the government have not been passed.  It's hard to believe sometimes just how much gall the Democrats have.

Let's look at what has happened.  On gun measures, a bill was put forward in the Senate by senator Cornyn of Texas that would have prevented sales of weapons to those on the no fly list so long as the government could provide evidence to a federal judge (in an expedited process) that showed a valid reason to suspect the buyer of terrorist ties.  It would be much like the procedure used to get a search warrant; the government would have to show the judge probably cause for barring the gun sale.  This would accomplish the goal of preventing real terror suspects from buying weapons.  It would also, however, mean that someone who was on the no fly list in error would not lose his or her right to carry arms.  The Democrats filibustered the Cornyn proposal and it lost.  Senate Democrats could not accept a Republican gun control measure; they wanted the issue for the election instead.

On the Zika virus, there was a bill agreed to in a conference committee that would have provided 1.1 billion dollars for Zika research.  Again, it was blocked by a Democrat filibuster in the senate.  When the Zika problem first arose, president Obama directed that 600 million dollars in funds originally intended for research regarding Ebola be used instead for Zika research.  The Ebola funds were no longer being spent because the big threat from Ebola had passed.  The conference committee bill makes that switch of the money from Ebola to Zika research permanent.  The Democrats refuse to accept that even though the switch was made by Obama.  It's another example of Democrats wanting a political issue rather than an achievement that might help Americans.

The funding for the America military has also been filibustered by senate Democrats.  As our troops fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria and as they fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Democrats won't allow that effort to be funded.  The Democrats demand that they will only allow funding for the troops if additional funds are allocated to programs for domestic Democrat interest groups.   Here, the Democrats don't just want an issue; they are willing to put at risk the lives of our soldiers in order to achieve it.

If you follow any of the senate Democrats on Twitter, the chances are that you keep getting tweets in which they complain about how the GOP is not passing bills on these three subjects.  IT'S ALL A LIE.  It seems that the Democrats in the Senate have decided to emulate Hillary Clinton.  It's all lies all the time.

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