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Sunday, July 31, 2016

I've Had It With Yahoo

For most of the last ten years, my internet home page has been Yahoo.  I rarely stay there for more than a few seconds, but I start there.  Yahoo News has always been extremely biased, but today it was way, way over the top.  There were three stories at the top of the news feed.  The first was headlined "Trump is a Sociopath", the second was headlined "What White Trash is Streaming to Trump" and the third had this headline "Trump Insults Mom of Slain Muslim Soldier".  Then below that was another story under the headline:  "Dirty, Scandalous Photos of Melania Trump".

I just changed my internet home page.  Yahoo lost me.  It's one thing to be biased.  I'm used to that.  I read the New York Times for years.  This, however, is way beyond bias from something that claims to be a news source rather than an opinion page. 

Yahoo used to be a major internet company.  Then it fell on hard times.  If it weren't for an investment that Yahoo had made in the Chinese company Alibaba, it would have gone out of business.  Recently, it signed a deal to sell all of the internet assets to Verizon.  Since the deal was signed, the bias has become much more pronounced.  It seems that the executives at Yahoo News must figure that they are going to be dumped anyway, so they might as well get all their bile out there before they go.

I'll check back on Yahoo once Verizon takes over, but for now I'm gone.

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