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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bringing Back Donald Segretti

Do you remember Donald Segretti?  Most likely, the answer to that question is no.  He's been out of the public eye for over 40 years and he never was that well known in any event.  I've been thinking of Mr. Segretti today, however.  Let me explain why.

Donald Segretti was an operative for the Committee to Re-Elect the President.  That was the official name for the Nixon campaign in 1972.  Segretti had a rather unique job; he was in charge of dirty tricks.  One of his favorites was the organization of phony protests.  According to testimony at the Watergate hearings, Segretti hired local college kids and others to attend rallies by another candidate and to protest to try to disrupt those rallies.  For example, Segretti sent students with signs supporting one Democrat candidate to a rally for another Democrat candidate; these students then led chants and tried to disrupt the rally to the greatest extent possible.  Segretti reasoned that not only would he disrupt the opposition, but he would also spread anger and dissent among the opposite party.  Segretti eventually went to jail for doing stuff like this.

Since 1972, America has not seen anything like the Segretti stuff.  But, now it's back.  The hacked DNC emails show that the staff of the DNC itself was secretly organizing protests at Trump rallies (and maybe Sanders rallies too.)  Those who were sent out to protest actually had positions with the DNC, but they were sent without identification in order to hide the fact that the Democrats were trying to disrupt Republican rallies.  To say the least, it sure sounds like a vintage Segretti move.

Hillary Clinton worked for the Democrats on the Watergate committee in the 1970s.  It sure seems like she liked what she heard from Segretti.  Otherwise, there is no way to explain the truly despicable acts that the DNC emails have disclosed.

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