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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Weird World of Twitter

Twitter is a medium filled with nonsense, stupidity, anger, illiteracy and many other less than wonderful things.  Despite that, every so often a tweet passes by that really hits the nail on the head.  Here's one such exchange that merits mentioning.

Hillary Clinton (remember her?) tweeted out "Vote Your Conscience".  It was Hillary's way of trying to make something out of Ted Cruz' appearance at the GOP convention last night.  It's a line from Cruz' speech, but it really doesn't make much sense coming from Hillary.

Nevertheless, Hillary's tweet got a quick response from Jill Stein who is the Green Party candidate for president.  Stein's response:  "Hillary Clinton understands if you can't vote for a warmongering corporatist like her. #VoteYourConscience"

There's a big discussion on Twitter right now about how Stein shot down Clinton.  None of it means anything, but it does show a rather inept performance by Mrs. Clinton.

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