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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Big Lie of the Left

The liberal mainstream media is out in force trying its best to destroy Trump, the Republicans and any opposition to the Progressive view of America.  It's an amazing spectacle to watch.  It's even more amazing if one stops to think about what these people are saying. 

A good way to start a consideration of the view from the left is with an article in the New Yorker today by John Cassidy.  He calls it the GOP's Dystopian View of America.  Cassidy uses the word "dystopian" which is defined as "an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad."  But consider this:

1.  According to the left, America is a racist, sexist and homophobic society.  It needs to be transformed to overcome these ills.  The Republicans see an America where freedom and liberty are guaranteed by our Constitution and they are willing to work to maintain that.

2.  According to the left, America is a country in which the wealthy control everything, from political races to business to life in general.  The little guy has no chance.  (Of course, the left gets the lion's share of the money and power bestowed by the wealthy on a political party.  Just think how many tens of millions of dollars Hillary Clinton took from Wall Street for a few 20 minute speeches, so the left's words do not align with its actions.)  The Republicans, on the other hand, struggle to make sure that in America everyone has the opportunity to reach success in life.  There's no guarantee of success, but every American can try and, with hard work and a little luck, succeed.

3.  According to the left, the police in this country are a bunch of trigger happy bigots who spend their days trying to think up new ways to arrest -- or better yet -- to kill blacks.  If the police kill a black man, no matter the circumstances, the left instantly assume that some racist redneck cop slaughtered a poor innocent victim.  The Republicans won't tolerate lawlessness by either the police or anyone else.  They don't jump to the conclusion that the police are always to blame, however.  In fact, the GOP gives the police the support they need to keep us all safe.

4.  The left tries to keep people with whom it disagrees from being able even to speak to express contrary viewpoints.  Just think of what the IRS under Obama did to try to shut down conservative and Christian groups.  Think of what the Attorney General said regarding those who express speech that she considers improper.  Think of the effort by the left to stop those who question the supposed "science" that underlies the claims of global warming.  The Republicans stand for free speech.  Try to think of the last time that the mainstream GOP tried to shut down opposition speech; it doesn't exist.  Only the Democrats do that.

So who is it who has a dystopian view of America?  Without a doubt, it's the Democrats.  The Republicans have an optimistic view of the future, but an honest view of the damage that the eight years of Obama and the Obamacrats has done to our country.


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