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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Keeping Hillary Under Wraps

In the last few weeks, Hillary Clinton's poll numbers have collapsed.  Supposedly, Hillary was way ahead of Trump and expanding her lead just two weeks ago, if you believe the mainstream media.  Hillary was running millions of dollars of ads each day and Trump was not even responding.  Now, two weeks later, the polls have all switched.  Quinnipiac polls in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania show Trump in the lead or the race tied.  Marist polls in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Iowa show Hillary and Trump pretty much tied.  Rasmussen national polls show Trump in the lead.  There are other polls that show Hillary ahead, but her margin shrunken.  What happened?

The answer is two things.  First, the obvious answer is that FBI Director Comey gave a press conference at which he explained how Hillary Clinton violated the law with regard to national security secrets but which he then said he would decline to prosecute.  It was a devastating destruction of all the lies Hillary told about her emails and her conduct.  Some pundits tell us that the email story is now over and that the effect of it will wear off.  That, however, is wrong.  The point of Hillary's emails and the FBI report is not what she did with the emails.  The point is that America has now had confirmed for it by the head of the FBI that Hillary Clinton is an outrageous and constant liar.  There's no doubletalk here.  Comey made clear that Hillary Clinton told lie after lie after lie.  That disclosure confirmed for most Americans that they cannot ever trust or believe Clinton.  There's no way to come back from that.

The second thing that happened in the last two weeks is that Hillary herself came to the fore.  We heard much more about Hillary than we had been.  People saw Hillary.  People listened to Hillary.  People heard others speaking about Hillary.  Clearly, people did not like what they saw and heard.

A few weeks back we heard how Trump was pulling back from the campaign trail and was running no TV ads.  The pundits told us that the election is decided in June and that Trump's behavior would hand the race to Hillary.  Instead of that, Trump let Hillary be center stage for much of the month.  It was a devastating strategy against Clinton.

Moving forward, Clinton has a major problem.  It's not just that the more people see and hear of her, the less they like her.  It's also that the campaign is moving into the phase during which it will be harder for Hillary to hide in front of only friendly crowds.  She will have to speak to America as a whole at the convention.  Not all that long later, she will have to debate Trump three times for all America and the world to see.  There is no way to hide at those events.

There must be panic today in Clinton World. 

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