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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary

Today, Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.  For the media, this is big news.  For anyone who lives in the actual world, this is nothing more than what everyone expected.  I mean we all knew that Sanders was not going to endorse Trump.  Trump is (gasp) a Republican.  Just because Hillary is "not qualified to be president" in Sanders own words is no reason for Sanders to withhold his support.  Just because Hillary has never accomplished anything in all her years in public life (aside from amassing a personal fortune) is no reason for Sanders to withhold support.  Just because Hillary was an incredibly incompetent secretary of state is no reason for Sanders to withhold support.  Just because Hillary voted for the Iraq War which Sanders calls a monumental mistake is no reason for Sanders to withhold support.  That's right, on one side we have Hillary who has never done anything good but who has done a great deal bad.  People are dead because of what she did.  America's security is greatly lessened because of what she did.  But Hillary says all the things that a progressive wants to hear.  On the other side, we have Donald Trump who has accomplished much in his life.  He has built innumerable buildings and other facilities.  He has run his business to amass enormous wealth (which he got without the kinds of crooked moves made by the Clintons.)  He has no record of political accomplishments because this is his first race (although he did manage to make short work of 16 GOP opponents while Hillary struggled to just get by Sanders in a rigged system no less.)  Trump, however, has said many things that a progressive does not want to hear.

Sanders clearly values what people say more than what they do.  Otherwise, there is no way he could endorse Hillary for president.  But here's a question for Bernie:  since Hillary Clinton lies about everything, how can you trust what she says now?

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