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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Murder In Baton Rouge

There's not much one can say about the shooting of multiple police officers in Baton Rouge other than that we pray for those who were slain and for the speedy recovery of the wounded.  This has become an all too frequent event in the USA.

That being said, I am still amazed at the truly offensive things I've heard in the last six hours from people who should know better.  I heard one Washington Post reporter opine that on average at this point in the year, about 25 police usually have died while on duty and that even with the latest killings we are only up to 30 so far in 2016, so things are not really out of control.  Really?  Consider how many reporters for the Washington Post told us after the recent shooting of a black man by police in Baton Rouge that the number of people killed by police so far this year were about average, so the shooting was no big deal.  Of course, no one said that, so why are police deaths shrugged off by the WaPo reporter?

Then there's the guy from Think Progress who tweeted today after the shootings that letting police who are "racist murderers" get a free ride gives a bad name to all police.  Nothing like seeing crazy violence and using it as an excuse to attack the victims.

The time has come for the USA to try to heal.  People have to realize that we are all Americans and we have to get along.  The crazies (like today's hateful killer who was in the Nation of Islam) cannot be aloud to control the narrative.

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