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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton has chosen Tim Kaine as her running mate.  It's not much of a surprise; Kaine has been the front runner for VP for at least two months.  It is surprising to see Kaine described as a "moderate".  There's no way that's accurate.  Here's an illustration.  The American Conservative Union rates senators (and others) based upon their votes on a large number of key issues before the Senate.  Kaine's rating is ZERO.  That means that on every one of the bills considered, Kaine voted for the liberal position.  Someone who is truly a moderate would have a mixed record; Kaine does not.

So what does Kaine bring to the ticket?  Some say he will bring Virginia to Hillary and the Democrats.  That misses the point.  In the last decade, Virginia has moved much more towards the Democrats and away from the rest of the South.  If the election in Virginia is close enough for Kaine to flip it, Hillary will have already lost nationally.  States like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada will be voting Trump by that point.  So Kaine isn't really needed to help with Virginia.

Some say that Kaine brings foreign policy experience.  That's perhaps the silliest reason of all.  After all, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  She has more "experience" than Trump or almost anyone else in the country.  The problem is that all of Hillary's experience has shown her to be unable to manage our foreign policy.  Kaine on the ticket as VP is not going to remedy Hillary's terrible record regarding foreign policy.

Basically, that leaves Kaine as someone who will not upstage Hillary.  Kaine will stick to the talking points.  His selection is just another manifestation of Hillary's need to control everything and everyone.

Basically, the selection of Kaine seems like good news for Trump and the GOP.

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