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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Here's Today's Terrorist Attack

A man in Reutlingen Germany attack three people with a machete.  One woman was killed.  The police subdued to terrorist and he is under arrest.

Okay, that's the news.  We don't know yet who the victims are or who the terrorist is.  Since he used a machete, gun control issues are not involved.  Since we have yet to hear that he shouted "Allahu Akbar" while killing the woman, there is nothing much yet that the media can ignore.  This guy may be just a lunatic or perhaps he's the white whale that the media is pursuing, an actual right wing terrorist.

There will be more news coming out soon.  For now, maybe we should do what John Kerry suggests and spend our time thinking about global warming.

Sorry, I can't let it go right now.  There's a woman dead on the street in Germany and two other people on their way to the hospital.  Let's all remember what president Obama said just a few days ago:  "the world has never been so peaceful."  Since he said it, we've seen one terrible terrorist attack after another.

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