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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Brazil Is Threatened And We Have Obama To Thank

The Summer Olympics start in a few weeks in Rio in Brazil.  Today, the Brazilian police arrested 10 men who were planning terror attacks on behalf of ISIS during the games.  That's really all Brazil needed.  First, they had many of the Olympic sites behind schedule.  Then Rio got hit with Zika virus.  Then the president of Brazil was removed during an impeachment trial.  Next the Russian team was penalized and may be completely barred from the games.  Now comes the terror threat.

The other issues have little to do with the USA.  That is quite different with the terrorism problem.  Last year, president Obama sent five hardened terrorists to Uruguay in order to get them out of Guantanamo.  The terrorists were supposed to be limited in their movements in Montevideo, but one particularly dangerous one has now disappear.  Allegedly, this terrorist was seen slipping over the border into Brazil.  The terrorist still has not been found.  Who wants to bet that this guy who Obama let free is in Brazil right now plotting attacks on both athletes and visitors across Rio.


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