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Monday, July 25, 2016

Lock Her Up -- What A Difference A Week Makes

Last Week in Cleveland during the GOP convention, there were people chanting "lock her up" with regard to Hillary Clinton.  The mainstream media went crazy.  It was just so "negative", or so the pundits said.  There was a big push in the media to try to get the chant stopped.  Yesterday in Philadelphia at the Democrat convention, a large crowd of Bernie Sanders supporters marched to the convention hall chanting (you guessed it) "lock her up".  I checked this morning to see how the mainstream media covered that chanting.  After all, it is just so "negative".  Here's a summary of that coverage:

That's right.  The mainstream media did not even mention the chant.  I guess reporting on it at the GOP convention can be used to try to make Republicans look mean.  If the same thing gets chanted by the Democrats, however, it might be embarrassing to Hillary Clinton.  They just can't have that, now could they?

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