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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Morons (excuse me Pundits) Around The World

I was reading coverage and opinion regarding the hacking of the Democrat National Committee in various non-American papers just now.  The articles reinforce just how moronic much of the world press really is.  Here are a few examples:

1.  One columnist from the Middle East (who will remain nameless) told his readers that the Russian hacking of the DNC was not the first time that foreign powers interfered in an American election.  He blamed the Russians even though it has not been established that they are even involved with the hack.  Nevertheless, this pundit gave his readers an example of earlier foreign interference in US elections.  What was his selection?  In the 1980 election, Iran released the American hostages it was holding just as Ronald Reagan was being sworn in on Inauguration Day.  Think about that.  The release was on January 20, 1981.  The election has been two and a half months earlier.  It's hard to imagine how the release of the hostages could have affected the election which was already receding into history at the time.

2.  A columnist in a British paper told his readers that the hack of Hillary Clinton's campaign was the result of Donald Trump calling on Russia to turn over Hillary's missing 30,000 emails if Russia were to find them.  To be fair, there are people right here in the USA who are saying the same thing.  The problem, once again, is the time line.  The hack of Hillary's computer systems began a few months ago and was discovered about a week ago.  That was before Trump made his remark about Russia and the emails.  Once again, it is impossible for the Trump remark to have caused any of the hacking, but it does not stop the media.

I often think that America's media is made up of some real losers.  Then I look at the media around the world and realize that world-wide, the media is a bunch of losers.  It's sad.

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