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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Democrats' Ostrich Strategy on ISIS Won't Work

We have a new ISIS horror today.  In France, two ISIS terrorists invaded a church and killed the elderly priest and injured others.  The two Islamic terrorists were killed by police before they could kill more people.  It's a sad thing that the world has to see these sorts of deranged attacks, but it's the sixth in Europe in the last week. 

More horrifying than the attack in France, however, is watching the Democrats deal with it.  Actually, I mean watching the Democrats NOT deal with it.  During the first day of their convention, the Democrats heard over 60 speeches including big ones from Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  Not once during the entire first day was ISIS mentioned.  I was astonished when I saw that fact reported this morning.  There is an avalanche of terror attacks around the world by ISIS and its loony thugs, but the Democrats won't even mention the subject.

I realize that ISIS is a sore spot for many Democrats.  Many experts say that the creation of ISIS is the result of poor policy decisions by president Obama and his then secretary of state Hillary Clinton.  After America had won the war in Iraq, Obama rushed to take out our forces and left a vacuum in that country which the terrorists rushed to fill.  When an uprising started among Syrians against their brutal dictator Assad, Obama and Clinton failed to use American influence and the rebels came to be coopted by terrorists, mainly ISIS.  Because of the Obama/Clinton responsibility for much of the problem, I understand that the Democrats would not want to emphasize the issue. 

Nevertheless, it is inexcusable to treat the issue of ISIS and Islamic terrorism as if it does not exist.  We've already lived through Obama's attempts to call domestic terrorism things like "workplace violence" and Hillary's attempts to blame a terror attack in Libya as the result of some youtube video that no one had seen.  We cannot move forward as a country by adopting the Democrats' ostrich strategy.  Sticking our head in the sand so that we can't see the ISIS attacks is a sure fire prescription for more death and more misery.  Not talking about ISIS does not make that group go away.

The Democrats have three more nights.  Hopefully, they will tell us how they plan to deal with ISIS.  To date, Hillary has not announced any strategy other than to say she wants to continue the Obama strategy.  That's would be funny if it weren't so scary.  We have a president who has essentially no strategy for dealing with ISIS.  Hillary Clinton wants to continue that non-strategy.  It's just not good enough.

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