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Saturday, July 30, 2016

The FBI Warned Hillary of a Possible Hack of her Campaign, but She Refused to Cooperate

Wow!  Today comes the news that last March, the FBI warned the Clinton campaign of attempts being made to hack into the campaign's computer systems.  The FBI asked for information from Clinton that would help the bureau thwart the attacks and catch the hackers.  The campaign refused to provide the information because Hillary was still under investigation by the FBI regarding her private unsecured email systems and their use for transmitting classified information.  Since then, of course, the Clinton campaign was hacked and so was the DNC and the DCCC.

Now that the hack has happened, we have the Clinton and her surrogates hyperventilating about how the Russians hacked her systems.  There's no proof that it's the Russians, but it certainly could be they.  Clinton and her people are acting as if this is all something new, but they know it is not.  In 2008, both the Obama and McCain campaigns were hacked by the Chinese.  In 2012, it is suspected that again both campaigns were hacked by the Chinese again.  Foreign hacking of American campaigns seems the new norm.  Nevertheless, the point to remember is that when the FBI came to Hillary to try to prevent the hacking of her campaign, she refused to cooperate because she was worried about her other scandals.  She couldn't cooperate with the FBI without possibly giving the bureau an insight into her other computer usage.  It was a failure of leadership.

The media is trying to spin the hacking story into one about Trump because of his sarcastic remark calling on Russia to turn over Hillary's missing 30,000 emails.  The story, however, is not about a joke.  It is about Hillary's poor decision making and her refusal to cooperate with the FBI.  If anyone is to blame for the hack, it seems that it is clearly Hillary herself.

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