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Monday, July 18, 2016

Confessions Of A Republican

Hillary Clinton's campaign is out with a new commercial.  Actually, it is an old commercial which first ran in 1964 in the Johnson campaign against Goldwater.  It consists of a guy who says he's a Republican but who claims Goldwater (now Trump) scares him so he's voting for Johnson (now Hillary.)

It's worth considering just how appropriate it is that Clinton has brought this old ad back to life.  Lyndon Johnson was completely dishonest in 1964.  He ran on the lie that he was the "peace candidate" who would "not send American boys to fight a war in Asia."  Johnson denounced Goldwater as a "warmonger" who would start a war with the Communists.  Johnson won big, then within a few months he staged an incident in the Tonkin Gulf in which a US destroyer was supposedly attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats.  Johnson used the ploy to get the overwhelmingly Democrat Congress to pass the Tonkin Gulf Resolution which authorized the War in Vietnam.  Johnson, the self-proclaimed peace candidate, then sent millions of Americans to Vietnam.  The USA lost over 50,000 soldiers with many more wounded.  To put that in context, it is more than ten times the number of American soldiers who died in combat since 9-11.  That means more than ten times the number who died in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.  And Johnson wouldn't even let the US military use all of its power to defeat the North Vietnamese; instead, he insisted on limited US power which multiplied deaths of American servicemen.  In short, Johnson was a dishonest disaster for this country; he could not even run for re-election because he was so reviled.

Hillary Clinton is another complete liar.  We've seen how she handles foreign policy.  As Secretary of State, every issue on which Hillary focused was made worse for the USA.  Think of the Russian "reset", the Libya involvement that led both to the attack in Benghazi and the creation of another failed state where terrorists thrive, the rapid pull out from Iraq that left a vacuum, among others.  Like Johnson, Hillary has been a disaster for American foreign policy.  Johnson, however, was an accomplished leader when it came to domestic policy.  Not everyone agreed with what he did, but no one would argue that he had not accomplished many things that he had set out to achieve.  Hillary, of course, has never achieved anything.  She just talks.  So Hillary is not even up to the standards of Lyndon Johnson (who was probably the most hated president of the last 50 years.) 

No wonder Hillary is recycling old ads that were used by Johnson.

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