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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Will It Ever Stop?

Remember Jill Abramson?  She used to be the main editor of the New York Times.  Now she writes columns and demonstrates why so many people think that the Times is biased.  In her latest column (which appeared in the Guardian, not the Times), Abramson says that Hillary Clinton really is the victim of a right wing conspiracy with regard to her emails.  I'm not kidding; Abramson actually says that.  It was that right wing conspiracy that set up Hillary's secret email system -- no, that was Hillary herself.  It was the right wing conspiracy that used the secret unsecure email system to send and receive classified information -- no, that was Hillary too.  It was the right wing conspiracy that kept Hillary's email system secret from the Obama administration and Congress and used that lack of knowledge to avoid any Congressional oversight or access under the Freedom of Information Act -- no, wait, that was Hillary herself too.  But it was the right wing conspiracy that lied to the American people and Congress and the State Department about the system and its use -- no, sorry, that too was Hillary.  The right wing conspiracy claimed that Hillary sent and received emails marked classified on her system -- no, Hillary did that and the FBI director proved it.

So what did the right wing conspiracy do according to Jill Abramson?  The answer is that they asked too many questions.  Did you know that FBI director Comey had to spend four and a half hours answering questions from Congress the other day?  Now that's surely a conspiracy if I ever saw one.  Imagine the nerve of those congressmen doing their job of overseeing the FBI.  Boil it all down and Abramson's big complaint is that when Comey said that perhaps Hillary had not seen the classified markings on some email, the GOP congressmen still asked more questions.

The real truth is that the one thing we all know about Hillary Clinton's email system and the scandal surrounding it is that nothing that happened was caused by any right wing conspiracy.  Hillary did all this to herself.  No BS column by a former bigwig from the Times changes any of that; it just shows how much in the tank the Times and its people are for Clinton.

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