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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Munich: The Usual Storyline

Yesterday's terror attack in Munich once again shows how the news media and big chunks of our society respond in these all too common situations.  First, we get news of the shooting.  Immediately the media starts pushing their narratives.  Every time, the liberal mainstream media tries to steer the story away from Islamic terrorism.  Yesterday was no exception.  There were reports that the shooter shouted "Allahu Akhbar" inside the McDonalds where this all began, but the mainstream media pushed the story that he was a right wing terrorist.  When the German authorities said that they had no evidence yet to indicate that this was an attack by ISIS, this same part of the media immediately announced not that there was no evidence, but rather that it was now confirmed that this was likely an attack by a neo-Nazi.  The woman who heard the terrorist shouting in Arabic was just ignored.

Now the identity of the shooter has come out.  He was an 18 year Moslem whose family came from Iran to Germany.  So much for the right win terror story.

Now we are moving on to the next segment:  was he involved with ISIS?  Police say that there is no link to ISIS that has yet been found, but ISIS immediately celebrated his attack yesterday.  There even was some chatter ahead of the attack that something was coming from ISIS in Germany.  None of this is conclusive, but you would never know that from the mainstream media.  The media is all screaming "no ISIS involvement".  We will find out the truth soon enough.

I wonder if the mainstream media realizes the damage it does when it tries to deny reality like this.

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