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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Intentional Blindness

It is now three days since the terrible slaughter in Nice.  If you can believe it, there are still many people who claim not to know if this was terrorism or just the act of some disturbed individual.  In other words, there remain people who refuse to see terrorism when it is right in front of their eyes.

Consider this:
1.  The French police have already arrested six accomplices in the attack.  That's a terror cell working together, not just some deranged individual.

2.  The terrorist texted others in his group to bring more weapons and to join into the fight in Nice.  Are we supposed to believe that it was just a delusion?

3.  The murderer has been identified as a Tunisian born Moslem.  The terrorism deniers say "but he wasn't religious!" as if that means he wasn't a terrorist.  Is this all just a big coincidence?

4.  ISIS immediately took credit for the attack.

We may debate what the proper response to this vile terrorism is.  We cannot actually debate, however the simple fact that this is a terrorist attack.

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