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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The FBI Investigates Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy

Word is out that the FBI is investigating Connecticut's governor Dan Malloy and particularly his fund raising activities during the 2014 campaign.  Malloy narrowly won re-election that year.

It's sad to say that this investigation is not even surprising.  We've gotten used to corrupt state officials around here.  A few years back, we had a governor who went to prison.  More recently, we've watched our neighbors in New York deal with the corruption conviction of the leaders of both the State Assembly and the State Senate.  The word in the law enforcement community is that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is on the short list for the next indictment (although this is just rumor.)  Now we get a major investigation into the governor of Connecticut.

I wonder if Hillary Clinton knew about this investigation when she had Malloy speak the other evening at the convention in Philadelphia.  Hillary has so many corruption problems of her own, that one would think that she would stay away fro politicians with that sort of problem.

For the sake of the state, I hope that Malloy is guilty of no wrongdoing.  It would be nice to think that there is at least one honest politician in the region.

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