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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Goes Berserk

Remember the response to Justice Alito when cameras caught him saying "that's not true" at the State of the Union address where president Obama lambasted the Court for one of its decisions?  There was a major media firestorm.  Some on the left called on Alito to resign from the Court.  We were told over and over again that Alito's private comments which got picked up by a camera were completely improper and unethical.  A justice cannot comment on political matters -- or so the left told us.

Okay, now consider the recent comments by justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg about Donald Trump.  Justice Ginsburg says Trump is dangerous and she will move out of the country if he is elected.  Her comments were not made in private under her breath like Justice Alito's; no, Ginsburg proclaimed them to a reporter on the record for all to hear.  So where is the firestorm in response to this clearly improper bit of commentary from Ginsburg?  Did you see it?  I sure didn't.

If you ever wanted proof of a double standard, this is it.  Criticize Obama or any Democrat and the media will clobber you.  Criticize Trump or a Republican and the media is silent.

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