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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hillary got the Nomination

I watched the end of the roll call that put Hillary Clinton over the top in Philadelphia.  When she got the votes she needed, there was no celebration.  The roll call just continued.  When they got to the end of all the states, Bernie Sanders moved to make the nomination unanimous and the convention had a voice vote.  There were definitely more in favor than against, but there was a sizeable number of delegates who voted NO.  At that point, the band started playing and the delegates were clapping, but it was a rather subdued celebration.  The news stations all cut away to anchors and pundits who pronounced it "historic".  Hillary was the first woman to be nominated by a major party.  The funny thing is that it did not seem historic in the least.  There was some enthusiasm shown by politicians who were being interviewed, but there were also about 1000 rank and file delegates who just got up and walked out of the hall.  There was little coverage of the walk out, but a bunch of delegates went to the media center and launched a sit in to protest the Hillary nomination.  None of the main networks are covering that, however.

Think about that for a moment.  During the primary campaign, if there was a rally by Trump or Cruz and 20 people showed up to protest outside, the media always showed us those protesters.  The protest was an integral part of almost every rally.  Now we are at the Democrats convention; these are not stray protesters but Democrat insiders.  Hundreds of them walk out of the hall and at least 50 sit down on the floor of the convention media center and there's no coverage.  If it were not for social media, no one would even know this had happened.

Then there's the protest outside the hall.  As I write this, between 3000 and 5000 protesters have marched outside in support of Black Lives Matters and against Hillary Clinton.  Only Fox News has even mentioned these protesters, and that mention was only to say that they were peaceful.

So Hillary is the official nominee.  It deserves two comments:

1.  This is truly an historic nomination.  Hillary Clinton is a first.  She clearly is the single most corrupt individual ever to get the nomination of a major party.  She's also the most dishonest person ever to get such nomination.  Oh, and she's a woman too.

2.  I take it back.  This is just not that historic.  In truth, it's really just boring.

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