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Monday, July 11, 2016

Obvious Lies

Does it work when president Obama tells an obvious lie?  How about when Hillary Clinton does it?  Others?  The amazing thing is that whether or not telling lies works, it has been adopted as the new normal by a great many in leadership in our country.  I was struck again by this after the Dallas attack on police officers.  The shooter announced that his goal was to kill whites, particularly police.  He shot white police officers, killing five.  Obama's comments on the attack included his telling the nation that it is difficult to figure out what motivated the shooter.  Huh?  The whole country has already heard the report of the self-announced motive of the shooter.  Obama knows that, but he just lies.  He did the same thing after Orlando.  The terrorist there announced that he was acting for ISIS, in honor of the ISIS leader al-Baghdadi and in solidarity with other terrorists like the Boston Marathon bombers.  There too, Obama said that we are not sure of his motive.  Once again, huh?

Then there's Hillary.  FBI director Comey shreds her oft told story about her email system.  She said she used one device for convenience.  Comey says it's a lie; she always used multiple devices.  She said she never sent or received classified info on her system.  Comey says it's a lie; there were hundreds of classified email.  Hillary said she turned over all work related email to the State Department.  Comey says it's a lie; there were thousands of work related email that she deleted.  Hillary said all of her email was carefully read and reviewed before any was deleted.  Comey says that's a lie; no one read the email; they just used a few search terms to gather some of the email to turn over.  Hillary said none of the email were marked classified.  Comey says that's a lie, there were marked emails.  There's more too.  But after all this, what is Hillary's response?  She's back out there saying that Comey's findings supported her story.  We all heard Comey, but Hillary just lies about it.

Do they think it works when they lie about things that we all know are lies?  They must.  Can we really live in a country where it is now acceptable for politicians to tell high profile lies about issues of major importance?  Do we really accept leaders who say "it was a youtube video" rather than "it was a terrorist attack and we were unprepared."  I mean, if they lie to us, do they also lie to themselves?  Are we led by delusional people and do we accept the consequences of that? 

We ought not accept this anymore.

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