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Friday, July 8, 2016

Hillary Steps Back But Still Lies

On CNN today, Hillary Clinton told Wolf Blitzer that she did not send or receive any email that were "accurately" marked as classified.  First she told us there was absolutely no classified material in her email.  That was a lie and she back off when the truth came out.  Hillary's next position was that she neither sent or received any email marked as classified.  The FBI put that one to bed the other day when Comey explained that there were huge amounts of classified information in Hillary's emails and that some were MARKED classified.  Now Hillary is backing away into a new position.  The emails may have been marked classified, but those markings were not "accurate".

Think about that.  If Hillary thought that the emails were not really classified, then it means that she was thinking about secrecy when she was sending and receiving them.  There is no doubt that at least 22 email chains were not only classified at the time, but they were also TOP SECRET and COMPARTMENTED, the highest level of secrecy in the government.  If Hillary considered secrecy, then she well knew that these 22 email chains dealt with national security secrets of the highest level.  She sent them anyway.

At some point, it's nice to see that Hillary's lies meet themselves coming and going.  She may not get indicted by the Justice Department because they want to protect her.  Nevertheless, there's no doubt that the woman has been telling lies to the American people on this and many other subjects.  She's not fit to lead.

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