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Sunday, July 31, 2016

So Which Is Worse?

During the Democrat convention, the father of a captain in the army who was killed in action and who also was a Muslim spoke.  He attacked Donald Trump for advocating restrictions on entry into America of Muslims.  Trump, of course, changed that proposal a while ago to placing restrictions on entry in the USA of people coming from countries where terrorists are rampant.  Under Trump's proposal, people coming from Syria, for example, would not be allowed entry in the USA until America could come up with a method for a detailed vetting of their background.  Once there is a method in place to determine whether or not someone seeking entry is a terrorist, the restriction would be lifted. 

After the convention, Trump was asked about the speech by the father of the slain officer.  Trump said that he would have liked to have heard also from the officer's mother (who was standing next to her husband as he spoke.)  Trump also wondered if she had been barred from speaking.

Since then, the media and the Democrats have gone crazy.  The charge is that Trump insulted the officer's family.  Personally, I don't see it.  Even in a world where every statement is a "microagression", this is certainly not an insult.

But now, let's look at the opposite.  At the Republican convention, Pat Smith, the mother of one of the four Americans killed in Benghazi addressed the convention.  She told the crowd that when her son's body was returned to the USA two days after the attack, Hillary Clinton came over to speak to her.  According to Mrs. Smith, Hillary told her that her son had been killed in an attack caused by a youtube video and that the government would punish the maker of that video.  Hillary also promised to keep Mrs. Smith informed as more information became available.  Smith also told the crowd that Hillary's emails (which were only disclosed this year) included one from Hillary to Chelsea on the night of the attack in which Hillary told her daughter that the American consulate in Benghazi had been the object of a terrorist attack and that people had been killed.  Smith concluded by saying that Hillary had lied.

Once again, the media went crazy.  For example, Chris Matthews told his audience on MSNBC that it was wrong for Mrs. Smith to lie about Hillary.  Some time earlier, Hillary herself had called Mrs. Smith a liar.  Now, for those of you who cannot recognize it, that was clearly an insult.

For what it is worth, the family members of the other victims of Benghazi agree with Pat Smith's version of what happened.  Each of them relate that Hillary told them the attack was the result of the video and not a terrorist attack.  In other words, Pat Smith is not telling lies.

The media storm over the supposed Trump insult is ongoing.  The media response to the actual insult (and lie) by Hillary Clinton is non-existent.  But there's no bias, right?

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