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Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary's Campaign was Hacked Too

Reuters is reporting that the computer systems of the Hillary Clinton campaign we hacked in recent months just like those at the DNC and the DCCC.  Reuters is pointing the finger at the Russians for this hack, but no one knows for sure if there is any truth to this allegation.

This hacking brings up two points:

1.  There might be some embarrassing information on Hillary's computer system, things like plans for future ads, strategies in dealing with particular constituencies and the like.  There ought not be any national security info on that system however.  This ought to be a minor problem.

2.  The ease with which the systems of the Democrat National committee, Democrat Congressional campaign committee and Hillary's campaign headquarters were hacked ought to make clear that Hillary's homebrew email server was also hacked.  The national security info that Hillary kept on that unsecured computer system had the ability to lead to the deaths of many of America's agents and friends.  It's time Hillary stops claiming that it wasn't hacked.

It's certainly possible that the hackers in these cases heard the non-stop denials from the Clinton campaign and Hillary herself about whether or not her email computer was hacked.  This latest attack may have just been done by some hackers to show just how easy it is to get into a lightly protected system.


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