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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Today's German Terrorist Attack Was By A Syrian Refugee

There's now more information about the terrorist attack a few hours ago on the streets of Reutlingen, Germany.  The terrorist was a Moslem and he is a refugee from Syria who was recently admitted into Germany.  It's more proof that ISIS and the other Islamic terror groups meant it when they told us that they were infiltrating terrorists into the West among the self-proclaimed refugees from Syria. 

This news underlines the different positions taken by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the issue of Syria refugees.  Trump says he will not admit refugees so long as America is unable to check them out fully and determine if they have terrorist ties.  Hillary says that she wants to increase the already large number of Syrian refugees that the USA is currently admitting.  Hillary's plan is to increase the number by 550%.  At that rate, if even only 1% of the refugees turn out to be terrorists, we will soon have thousands of ISIS terrorists in the USA.

Obviously, today's attack is bad news for Hillary Clinton as it comes the day before the DNC Convention opens in Philadelphia.  The likely response from Clinton will be some sort of lie.  Maybe she'll have her campaign announce that the attack in Germany was an attempt by ISIS to help Trump.  I know that's idiotic, but it's about as believable as most of her other lies.

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