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Friday, July 29, 2016

The Latest Democrat Cover Up

The latest move by the Democrats and Hillary Clinton to cover up misconduct is moving to a second phase.  Lets start with the misconduct:  Hillary, her campaign and the Democrat National Committee worked together to rig the primary system so that Bernie Sanders had no chance to win the nomination.  That story broke just one week ago when Wikileaks released hacked emails from the DNC.  The anger of the Sanders' crowd was enormous.  As a result of that anger, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was bounced from her job as party chair.  It was a moment of panic for the Clinton campaign.

As soon as the story broke, Hillary and her campaign began trying to change the story.  The focus went from the unethical and perhaps illegal activity of the DNC in rigging the primary to the illegal hacking of the DNC computers by Russia.  Of course, we have been told by the FBI and other services that there is no proof that the hack was by Russia, but the Democrats and the media have pushed that story consistently.  Right now, the impression across America is that the DNC was hacked by the Russians.  It doesn't even make sense that the Russians would hack the DNC and then make what they found public.  More likely, the Russians would save their info to use to blackmail the Hillary Cliton were she to win the election.

Tonight, the Democrats are making a big move towards the next step in their cover up.  Now the story is that somehow Donald Trump is involved with the Russians and may be involved with the hacking.  It's a joke of a story; no one would believe it because there is no basis for it.  Nevertheless, tonight CNN and MSNBC ran big stories about Trump's ties to Russia and the prior work by Trump's campaign manager for a man who was president of Ukraine at the time.  CNN makes clear that Trump has no real ties to Russia but they first spend many minutes talking about Trump's ties before admitting that they don't exist.  MSNBC, of course, goes even further trying to ties Trump to Russia.  Rachel Maddow talked about how Trump seems to want to forgive Russia for invading Ukraine and to lift the sanctions on the Russians.  Here too, there is no proof supporting her claim, but she makes it anyway.

The MSNBC position is astounding.  Remember in 2008, the Russians invaded their neighbor, the country of Georgia.  America imposed sanctions and refused to recognize the Russian seizure of two provinces of Georgia.  Then Obama took office and Clinton was secretary of state.  Obama and Clinton decided to have the Russian "reset".  They lifted all sanctions on Russia and recognized the Russian conquest of the two Georgian provinces.  In other words, Obama and Hillary did exactly what MSNBC now says Trump may want to do.  The network thought that the Obama/Clinton move with Russia was a great thing in 2009.  Now, however, when they dream up a phony story that Trump may do the same thing, the same network and people denounce it.

The key here is to focus on what actually happened.  The truth is that Hillary and her people rigged the primary system against Bernie Sanders.  No one should pay any attention to the cover up.

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