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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Another Lie Bites The Dust

Remember a few weeks back?  We were told that Donald Trump had less than two million dollars on hand and was running out of money.  According to the so-called experts in the mainstream media, this would be the end of Trump because "the election is won in June".  If you missed reading this stuff, don't doubt the accuracy of what I am saying.  There really were a slew of mainstream media pundits solemnly announcing that the election is determined in June and Trump's lack of cash would just do him in.

Now it's July.  We just heard that in June Trump started actual fundraising efforts and gathered $55 million.  The vast bulk of that came in the last ten days of the month when the fund raising effort was in full swing.  During June, the polls tightened; on average Hillary Clinton's lead was cut in half.  It sure doesn't seem like Hillary's money advantage in June helped her much.  Now we get to July and the first big thing is that Hillary skated away from a criminal indictment, but all her lies about her email system were exposed.  And there were a lot of lies; essentially nothing the woman said about her email system turned out to be true.  It's not something that is likely to help her with voters.

Moving forward, if Trump's supporters can give cash the same way they did over the last two weeks, the Republican will leave Hillary in the dust.  This year, the effectiveness of TV advertising has seemed to be much reduced, but there will still be a major effort from the Trump campaign.


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