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Monday, July 4, 2016

Now Another Terrorist -- This Time In Arizona

Federal authorities announced the arrest late yesterday of Mahin Khan in Arizona.  Khan is charged with terrorist activities.  He was planning to attack two government buildings near Tucson.  Fortunately, he was stopped.

Okay, so let's get all the obvious stuff and the translation into "liberal-speak" out of the way.

1.  Khan is a Moslem and he was acting to further the ISIS plan for maximum violence during Ramadan. 
Translation into liberal speak:  The man arrested had no known motive for his actions.  He couldn't have been acting on behalf of ISIS because he's a Moslem and Islam is a religion of peace.

2.  Khan had no guns when he was arrested.  There is no record that he has purchased any guns in recent days.
Translation into liberal speak:  This arrest shows again the need for common sense gun safety legislation.

3.  The FBI and other federal agents did a great job catching Kahn before he could carry out his terrorist plans.
Translation into liberal speak:  The ACLU is going to look into whether or not activity by the FBI which led to the arrest of the accused was yet another manifestation of Islamophobia and a victimization of the accused.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in connection with this entire matter.  (or as the libs would say:  "this is further proof that Trump's wall won't work".)

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