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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Sad Truth About Hillary Clinton

If you want to know the real essence of Hillary Clinton, think about Loretta Lynch.  Attorney General Lynch, of course, is the person overseeing the entire criminal investigation of Hillary's email and foundation troubles.  In other words, Lynch is the person with ultimate power to end Hillary's bid for the White House.  Last week, Bill Clinton met with Lynch in a secret meeting at the airport in Phoenix.  When word of the meeting leaked out, the Clintons told us over and over that it had been an unplanned, spontaneous meeting because Bill and Lynch were both in the same airport.  Okay, no rational person would believe that, but it provided the Clintons with a cover story to keep their true believers happy, and that was good enough for them.  But then we got the next part of the story.  Yesterday, the NY Times published a story in which Hillary Clinton is quoted as saying that she would like to keep Lynch on as Attorney General if she wins the election.  You must understand what this means, and even if you don't, Lynch does.  Lynch is being offered a job if she "does the right thing" and quashes any indictment of Hillary.

Let's stop for a moment and consider Hillary's latest job offer to Lynch.  We just completed a week of outrage as a result of a supposed accidental meeting between Bill Clinton and Lynch.  Hillary certainly knows that; she was asked about it and joined the chorus calling the meeting spontaneous.  Hillary's statement to the NY Times, however, was not spontaneous; it was planned.  Hillary Clinton knows that a possible offer to Lynch of the Attorney General's position is big news and that the Times will print it.  She also knows just how bad it will look to make that offer while the decision on the indictment is being made.  The point is that Hillary doesn't care about ethics or the requirements of the law.  She cares only about what will get her power (and that does not include and indictment.)  This was an intentional ploy by Hillary Clinton to improperly influence the outcome of a criminal investigation.

What more would anyone need to know about Clinton?  She is completely disqualified to be president.  It doesn't mean one has to vote for Trump; I will because he's the only one who can beat Clinton.  You can still vote for Stein or Johnson.  Just don't even vote for Hillary.

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