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Monday, July 4, 2016

Was This What Bill Told Loretta?

According to the NY Times today, Hillary Clinton has let it be known that she would like to keep Loretta Lynch in office as Attorney General if Clinton wins the presidency.  That's about as big a conflict of interest as one can imagine.  Think about it.  Despite all of Lynch's protestations that she would "likely" follow the recommendations of her subordinates with regard to whether or not to indict Hillary, the decision is still Lynch's to make.  Now here's Hillary holding out the carrot of Lynch's continuing as AG.  That can only happen if Hillary is not indicted.  Is there any rational being in the universe who thinks that Lynch doesn't understand that connection?  I doubt it.  Hillary is offering Lynch a great job in exchange for Lynch deciding not to indict her.

Every so often, Donald Trump says something that brings the media to its feet with feigned outrage.  It's annoying but a part of the election process.  Every so often, Hillary does something that is much more outrageous and the media yawns.  They won't cover it because it might hurt Clinton.

You need to weigh these things yourself.  Which is worse:  a. that Donald Trump sometimes says things that are impolitic; or b. that Hillary Clinton sometimes does things that are illegal, unethical and dishonest?  For me, there's no question.  Hillary's actions are a lot worse than Trump's words.


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