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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Democrats Favor Violent Repeat Felon Illegal Aliens Over The American People

It seems hard to imagine, but the Democrats in the Senate just blocked legislation that would set a five year prison term for illegal aliens who are (1) convicted of a violent crime, (2) deported and then (3) return illegally to the USA.  Think about that.  The law only applies to people who first come illegally into the country, then murder or violently assault someone and get convicted of that crime, then get deported and finally come back into the USA illegally.  These are really bad people who we don't want here, but the Democrats and only the Democrats blocked the bill.

This is the so-called "Kate's Law" named for Kate Steinle who was murdered by a man who had been deported multiple times and who had also been convicted of a series of violent felonies.  So the Democrats are favoring these violent felons over their victims.  Right now, the Senate Democrats seem more interested in making political points with the Hispanic community than in doing the right thing for all Americans.  Only two weeks ago, the same senate Democrats blocked a gun bill that would have provided a method to stop those on the no fly list from getting guns if the government had a reason for such a move.  These are the Democrats who always blame the Republicans for the lack of gun laws.  Again, they want the issue to talk about; they don't really care about helping anyone.  It's time to vote these people out of office.

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