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Thursday, July 7, 2016

What A Difference

Last night, I happened to watch Donald Trump's speech at a rally in Ohio.  It was carried on Fox News live, pre-empting the second half of Special Report.  I don't usually get the time to watch such speeches, so I was pleased to have the opportunity to see Trump in action.  It was well worth it.

The one thing that almost anyone watching that speech has to come away with is this:  it is much more interesting and enjoyable to watch Trump speak than to watch Hillary Clinton try to do the same.  Hillary is so scripted.  We know even her emotions are written for her; there's that famous video where she is told by a note on the teleprompter to sigh and she reads the direction in error.  It's also clear that Trump's emotions are anything but scripted.  When he's out there speaking we get the impression that he's showing us who he really is.  When Hillary talks, we just get that day's version of the person the campaign currently believes is the most acceptable to the American people.

Think of it this way:  What does Hillary Clinton really stand for?  All I can come up with in response is that Hillary stands for Hillary getting the power of being president.  Why does Hillary want to be president?  More specifically, is there something that Hillary wants to accomplish for the American people by becoming president?  I doubt it; it seems for Hillary getting power is the only goal.  If Clinton has any plan for helping America, she's never told us about it.  With Trump, we know he could change his mind, but there is no doubt about his current views.  You could probably list most of his positions right now from the wall to trade to veterans to the military.

Ultimately, the election is coming down to a battle between the genuine and the phony.  Trump tells us everything; sometimes it is just too much.  He's questioned multiple times each day.  He shows his real emotions and beliefs.  Hillary tells us nothing.  She won't even answer questions.  She hasn't had a news conference yet in 2016.  In that way, Hillary only reveals what she thinks will help her.  A carefully worded statement is much easier to use for deceit than a spontaneous answer to a question.  Put another way, there is no real method for the American people to learn what Hillary really wants to do.

The media clearly is rooting for Hillary.  Even so, as more and more time passes with nothing but the wooden and phony version of Hillary out there on the trail, American voters are going to realize that they are being played.  Hillary is either going to have to reveal her true beliefs or she is going to sink to defeat in November.

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