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Friday, July 8, 2016

The Fools Who Rush In

Many policemen were shot in Dallas last night.  According to reports, there were five gunmen, there was a lone gunman, there were two shooters, or take your pick.  The identity of the shooters is undisclosed, or the shooter(s) is a member of a Black Power organization, or the individual shooter is an former army reservist who said he wanted to kill white people, or, again, take your pick.  The truth is that we still don't know what really happened and who was involved.  On top of that, we don't know what actually happened in Minnesota or Louisiana where two black men were shot by police.  Was this police action improper?  We don't know.  Sure, most people have seen the video shot by the fianc√© of the dying man in the second case.  That video, however, only starts after the shooting, so it shows nothing relevant to the action by the police.  Most have also seen the video in the first incident.  That video, at least, shows something of the actual incident.  Once again, however, it is too inexact to tell us what really happened.  We need to all take a bit of time to let the investigators do their work.  A rush to judgment is what leads to events like the massacre of police in Dallas, a city which is completely uninvolved with either of the initial deaths.

Normally, I would have expected elected leaders to try to keep things calm and to call for a cautious, methodical and complete response to find the facts and get justice for the victim, if appropriate.  Sadly, that's not what we got.

The governor of Minnesota has already expressly ascribed the shooting in St. Paul to racism.  Why?  He doesn't know what happened; he is just ready to blame police for being racist.  To be fair, no one has ever described governor Dayton of Minnesota as a deep thinker or even a responsible leader.  Nevertheless, it is fair to say that at least to a certain extent, Dayton has blood on his hands with regard to the Dallas police.  We also got detailed comments on the shootings by president Obama who spoke in Poland before the bodies had even been removed from the scene.  There is no way that Obama knows the details of what happened, but he's ready to tell us the cause.  It's really sad that these are our "leaders".

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